Almost £300,000 to prevent homelessness in Cotswold

Cotswold District Council will use the Homelessness Prevention Grant to reduce the need for expensive short-term, emergency accommodation and minimise uncertainty for individuals and families. 

Councillor Joe Harris, Leader of Cotswold District Council says, “A stable home base is the foundation from which people thrive. The threat of homelessness creates uncertainty and stress for individuals and families. 

“Last year, our housing team helped over 250 households that were threatened with homelessness to either stay in their homes or find an alternative home.  The housing team also arranged 163 emergency or temporary accommodation placements across the district. 

“Our priority is to end rough sleeping by focusing on the prevention of single people becoming homeless. By preventing homelessness we minimise distress and also save the taxpayer money.”

When it is not possible to prevent a family from becoming homeless the Council ensures that they are only placed in Bed & Breakfast accommodation as a last resort, and spend the least amount of time there as possible.  The Council is committed to maintaining its record of no family being left in Bed & Breakfast for longer than 6 weeks.

The Council’s activities this year include providing assistance in addressing rent arrears, helping to source alternative accommodation and providing mediation to prevent homelessness from occurring. 

We will also provide where-needed funding support for cash deposits, fees and payments of rent in advance, as well as payments to help households make their new accommodation liveable. We’ve ensured that we maintain critical job roles to ensure that clients are fully supported and to manage funds so that they are targeted to those who need them most.

The Homelessness Prevention Grant is a grant from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC). 

Find more information on how to contact the Council for homelessness support here: 

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