Community Fit Kit launched for residents in the Cotswolds

Cotswold District Council’s Community Wellbeing Team have listened to their residents’ needs and installed a kit which includes fitness equipment and ‘how to’ guides in one of the Bromford community rooms free of charge, for its customers to get active.

Cllr Jenny Forde, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said: “Our residents tell us they want to be more active so I’m pleased we’ve been able to launch this Community Fit Kit to give those residents an opportunity to improve their fitness and lifestyle. 

“We’re always listening to what our residents ask for and are providing them with the tools they need to improve their own physical health. I’m looking forward to seeing this initiative grow across the district!”

Cotswold District Council’s Community Support Officer for Physical Activity, Kate Holland, has been engaging with Cotswolds residents to find out what they would like to help them facilitate their fitness. One main barrier that came up was not having the space or equipment to stay active. Another reason might be due to mobility issues meaning they cannot get out to exercise classes, or furthermore they cannot afford a gym membership.

Kate came up with the idea to put together the Community Fit Kit in the hope that if residents have access to exercise equipment, they might be more encouraged to take part in physical activity either on their own or as a group, it’s a great first step for those who may not be as active as they’d like to be.

The Community Fit Kit is a basic start-up kit and includes yoga mats, kettlebells and resistance bands and a ‘how to’ demonstration card along with a chair workout plan for those less mobile. There is also information available about healthy eating and nutrition for those who are looking to improve their lifestyle as a whole. The sports equipment was sourced from local sports shop, D&J Sports, in Cirencester at a discounted cost for the Council. Basic first aid information is also provided with the kit.

It is primarily aimed at beginners, people going through rehabilitation or people who are returning to exercise after being less active and are looking to move more. However, the equipment will be available to all customers who have access to the community room.

The Community Fit Kit is currently located in one Bromford community room but Kate hopes to launch more Fit Kits around the district in multiple community rooms and is also thinking of developing a more advanced kit for those more experienced residents.

The launch of this kit is part of the Active Cotswold programme which aims to produce more community based physical activity opportunities for Cotswold residents.

If you would like to have a Community Fit Kit in your own community or if you have any ideas about physical activity in the community, you can get in touch with the community wellbeing team at

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