6th Annual PPU Event in Cirencester Aims to Raise Funds and Awareness for Parkinson’s

The picturesque town of Cirencester is gearing up for its sixth annual PPU event, organised by the dedicated Dave Trinder, with the noble goal of raising funds and increasing public awareness about Parkinson’s disease. Over the past five years, Dave’s unwavering commitment to this cause has successfully raised over £30,000 for Parkinson’s UK. Residents in Cirencester have become well-acquainted with Parkinson’s, thanks to Dave’s tireless efforts and the outstanding PPU event he hosts.

PPU, an acronym that has become synonymous with this charitable endeavour, holds a heartfelt significance for Dave and the community. While the acronym’s origin remains a tale best told by the committee or Dave himself, it encapsulates the spirit of this remarkable initiative.

Dave Trinder’s journey to championing Parkinson’s awareness in Cirencester was triggered by a distressing incident a few years ago. On a casual night out with friends at a local pub in Cirencester, Dave encountered the unfortunate biases that can be associated with Parkinson’s symptoms. His characteristic shuffle, slight wobble, and speech difficulties, common manifestations of the condition, led the barmaid to mistakenly assume he was intoxicated. Dave promptly requested to speak with the manager, asserting, “I have Parkinson’s, I am not drunk; don’t you know about Parkinson’s?” His friends provided unwavering support, yet the staff remained sceptical, causing them to leave the establishment in frustration.

Although Dave did not encounter such issues elsewhere in town, this distressing incident served as a catalyst for him to undertake a more profound mission – to raise awareness about Parkinson’s not only in Cirencester but also in neighbouring communities. Thus, the PPU events were born.

The upcoming 6th annual PPU event promises an evening of entertainment and philanthropy. Scheduled for September 23, 2023, the event will be hosted at the prestigious Bingham Hall. Tickets are available for just £10 and can be obtained from the PPU6 Fundraiser page on the Parkinson’s UK Cirencester & Stroud Branch website (cirenstroudpuk.co.uk).

Dave Trinder’s dedication to the cause of Parkinson’s awareness has not only transformed perceptions in Cirencester but has also significantly contributed to the fight against this debilitating condition. As the 6th annual PPU event approaches, the community stands united in support of Dave’s inspiring mission and the ongoing battle against Parkinson’s disease.

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