Step into the New Year with Exciting News at Cirencester Radio!

As we embark on the journey into 2024, filled with the promise of resolutions and personal growth, Cirencester Radio is delighted to announce a significant milestone – the appointment of Dan Woodward as our new Chairman! Dan’s connection with the world of radio traces back to his teenage years when he began producing captivating shows for our community radio station. Over time, his passion for broadcasting evolved, leading him to master the technical intricacies of the field and build a successful career as a freelancer, making noteworthy contributions to renowned platforms like the BBC.

Dan Woodward

The appointment of Dan as our new Chairman signifies a remarkable chapter in the history of our station. While immediate changes may not be apparent in January, we eagerly look forward to a year brimming with Dan’s innovative ideas aimed at refining and elevating the content and delivery of our exceptional shows. As I transition out of the role of Chair, I extend my sincere thanks to everyone for their steadfast support and warm wishes. My focus now shifts towards spearheading new projects, ensuring there will be much to discuss in the coming months.

For those who share our passion for radio and aspire to be part of the award-winning Cirencester Radio in 2024, we extend an invitation to connect with us. Feel free to call me at 07776 144033 or email to Join me for a coffee, and together, let’s explore the exciting opportunities ahead.

Here’s to a dynamic and joyous New Year at Cirencester Radio!

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