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Hosted by: Sheila Lloyd Graham
Call in: 01285 659017

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Introducing “Lady She & Friends”: Your Weekly Wednesday Delight at 7 pm!

Join me every Wednesday at 7 pm for an exciting rendezvous on my show “Lady She & Friends,” where captivating stories come to life. As your host, I’ll be diving into the lives of intriguing individuals who call the charming area of Cirencester their home and workplace, each with a unique tale to share.

Venturing into the vintage realm, my guests hail from diverse backgrounds, encompassing singers who whisk you back in time, re-enactors who breathe life into history, enchanting entertainers, dedicated charity workers, and even cherished old-school friends. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with these remarkable individuals, unravelling their narratives one conversation at a time.

A little about me – I’m not just your host, but a hometown enthusiast with deep roots in Cirencester. Having grown up and attended school here, my journey took an adventurous turn when I joined the Women’s Royal Army Corps (WRAC) as a Physical Training Instructor. This was just the beginning of my multi-faceted odyssey, which encompassed three fulfilling careers in sports management and teaching across Scotland, London, and Berlin spanning two decades. But as life tends to do, it led me back to the place where my heart truly belongs – my cherished hometown of Cirencester.

So, tune in every Wednesday at 7 pm to “Lady She & Friends” as we explore the captivating stories of those who make Cirencester shine. Join me as we journey through time, unravel memories, and celebrate the incredible lives of our neighbours, friends, and fellow vintage enthusiasts. Your midweek dose of inspiration and charm awaits!

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